What is the scuba diving instruction like?

Begin With Review And Friend (BWRAF)

Use the phrase "Begin With Review And Friend" to help you remember the checks:

Begin (B) - BCD - Check adjustment, operation, low pressure inflator connection, and that tank is firm in the band. If appropriate for the entry technique, make sure it's partially inflated.

With (W) - Weights - Check for proper weighting, and that the quick release system is clear for ditching. Weight belts should have a right hand release.

Review (R) - Releases - Make sure you're familiar with your buddy's releases and how they work. Check each other to make sure they're secure.

And (A) - Air - Confirm that you both have ample air for the dive, that your valves are open, that regulators and alternate air sources work, and that you know where to find and how to use each other's alternate air sources.

Friend (F) - Final Okay - Give each other a final inspection looking for out of place equipment, dangling gauges, missing gear, etc.

Selecting a Scuba Instructor

As in most forms of education, the right teacher is an important component for success. Thus it is worth a bit of research to select the right scuba instructor. Speak with people in your community who are already certified, and ask for their recommendations. Often a college, university, or the local YMCA will have a good scuba certification course. Call or visit the dive stores in your area and interview them for both credentials and attitude. Look for a scuba instructor who is experienced and professional, but not egotistical. The scuba learning experience should be properly organized, careful, safe, and fun as well.

Location of Scuba Instruction

Initial scuba instruction takes place in three environments:

Classroom - where material is presented and reviewed

Pool - where skills are taught and practiced in confined water

Open Water - where the student demonstrates the skills he or she has learned.

Typically, early open water takes place in a local body of water such as a lake, a flooded quarry or the sea.

Scuba Instruction

A typical scuba certification course requires four weeks of study, two days per week. One day per week will be classroom study, while the other will be pool work. Once all scuba instruction and written tests have been completed, the scuba dive students will go for their open water check out dives. These are usually a minimum of four or five separate dives, which must be completed over a period of at least two days. If all dives are completed successfully, the student becomes a certified scuba diver.

Keeping Dive Log Books

In addition to having a scuba c-card, it is important for divers to maintain a dive log book of their dive experiences. Prior to providing scuba diving services, many quality diver operators will require that customers present a dive log book as well as that well-earned scuba c-card. You can purchase a fancy dedicated divers log, or just keep notes in an inexpensive ruled notebook. Either way, your dive log book will help you to remember important things like the amount of weight you need, depth and duration of each dive, details of dive sites, dive buddies, marine life encounters, and cherished experiences.

Be a Scuba Diver for Life

Some people go through a scuba diving course, do their open water dives, and never participate in the sport again. Others find that scuba diving is something they can do, and enjoy, throughout their lives. Take the time to be properly trained, and keep your experience current. If your scuba diving skills are rusty, take a refresher course. Dive safely, have fun, and you too can grow to be an old, bold diver.

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