Spear Fishing Requires Focus, Patience, Skill

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What are some hunting tips for spearing fish?

Spear Fishing Requires Focus, Patience, Skill

Spear fishing offers thrills and challenges. It is an adrenaline rush that may cause the unfocused diver to lose track of his depth or time underwater. Here are some rules to follow for safe spear fishing:

  • Don't spear a fish that is too large to handle.
  • Make sure you do not get dragged off by the prey you just shot. A quick release on your gun will allow you to lose the cable, spear and fish while keeping your spear fishing gun.
  • Be patient. It takes skill to aim and shoot underwater. With more experience, you will get better.
  • Be prepared for larger fish to swim by and try to swallow the fish you just speared.



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