Don't Spear More Fish Than You Plan to Eat

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Do spear fishermen spoil reefs and wreck sites?

Don't Spear More Fish Than You Plan to Eat

Make sure you monitor your air supply closely when spear fishing. The thrill of the hunt often causes divers to breathe faster and use up their air more quickly. Or they will hold their breath. Neither is a good idea.

Often deep diving around wrecks attracts sharks, especially if your buddies already have shot fish and the predators can smell blood and sense thrashing in the water.

Spear fishermen can get a bad reputation for over fishing reefs and wrecks. Recreational boaters complain that spear fishermen -- with their high-powered guns and underwater views -- have unfair advantages. The best advice is to show respect for the environment. Don't spear more fish than you will take home to eat.



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