Scuba BCDs Offer a Range of Features

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What kinds of features should I look for in a BCD?

Scuba BCDs Offer a Range of Features

Your scuba BCD, or buoyancy compensator, comes with a range of features, depending on the brand and type. Look for the following components in a new BCD:

  • A direct feed, or line, that moves gas from the diving cylinder and regulator to the BCD.
  • A main valve that allows gas into the BCDs bladders for inflation.
  • A vent valve that lets bladders deflate. Most BCDs have vents valves at the top and bottom.
  • An overpressurization valve that will automatically allow air to escape if the diver over-inflates the bladders.
  • Backplate that is metal or plastic for supporting dive cylinders.
  • Integrated weight system that contains weights inside pockets. The integrated weight system combines the BCD and weight belt into one piece of equipment.



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