Scuba BCDs are Life Savers in a Diving Emergency

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Can a BCD function as a life-saving device?

Scuba BCDs are Life Savers in a Diving Emergency

Your buoyancy compensator is your life-saving device in an emergency. The diver can float face up at the surface by inflating the BC or BCD. Jettisoning weights will provide added buoyancy in an emergency.

Dive buddies can position an unconscious diver to float face up on the surface by using the scuba BCD and weight system. The unconscious diver's upper torso is raised with inflated bladders, while the lower body is held down with weights.

Fixed weights on the diver's cylinder will help ensure that an unconscious diver wearing BC wings or a stab jacket does not float face down. With inflatable wings or a vest, the center of buoyancy can be too far from the diver's head in an emergency. Wings now come with weight pouches so the diver's position can be adjusted more easily.



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