Commercial Diving Offers High-Seas Adventures

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What types of careers are there for commercial divers?

Commercial Diving Offers High-Seas Adventures

Commercial diving careers often involve adventure, world travel and challenging work in a high-risk environment. Commercial divers are the Navy Seals of the offshore industrial world, helping tap natural resources that maintain the U.S. economy. They also work as inspectors in lakes and other inland bodies of water.

Career opportunities are growing for commercial divers, with the expansion of U.S. gas exploration around the globe. These are not 9-to-5 jobs, but require a sense of dedication and singular focus to the rigors and demands of underwater job sites at offshore locations, from the frigid North Atlantic to the Red Sea.

Browse employment boards for commercial divers and you will find opportunities to tend undersea gas lines in the Middle East, repair ships in the United Kingdom, and work as a welder in the Gulf of Mexico.



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