Get the Best Use of Your Full-Face Mask

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Can any diver use a full-face mask and rebreather?

Get the Best Use of Your Full-Face Mask

Full face masks with rebreathers may be used by technical divers or commercial divers. They may contain communication equipment for diver-to-ship contact.

Be aware that full-face masks are more prone to leaks. So you will need certification and open-water training to use this specialized equipment.

Here are some tips for getting the best use out of full-face masks and rebreathers:

  • Make sure you buy a mask that fits the contours of your face and has an airtight seal.
  • You may want to shave that beard, if you plan to wear a full-face mask. Facial hair can cause the mask to leak.
  • Clouding on the lens is normal, so be sure to use an anti-fogger.
  • Insert a water trap between you and the scrubber to prevent leaks.



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