Drysuits are Sealed Watertight for Diving in Frigid Water

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How do drysuits keep divers warm?

Drysuits are Sealed Watertight for Diving in Frigid Water

If you dive in waters below 50 or 60 degrees Fahrenheit, you probably will need a drysuit. Just ask the urchin divers and mussel harvesters who scuba dive daily in the frigid North Atlantic waters.

Drysuits keep the diver dry and warm with a water-tight seal. Frigid waters cannot seep into the suit. Undergarments -- thermal underwear and wool socks -- are worn under the drysuit for an added layer of protection. Wrist and neck seals often are coated with silicone spray. Gloves and a hood also are worn.

Drysuits are inflated when divers enter the water. The air helps with buoyancy and keeps divers warm. Drysuits are deflated on ascent.



1/14/2007 10:40:44 AM
Frank said:

A drysuit in itself provided no thermal protection. The suit keeps you dry, what you wear underneath is what keeps you warm. You can adjust the undergarments to fit the environment. Yes it is good for cooler water, it will also help you enjoy your diving experience in whatever temperature water you are diving.

1/14/2009 1:56:53 PM
Misty Faucheux said:

I've worn a dry suit whitewater rafting before. It does help keep the frigid chill out of the bones, but I definitely feel that you need wear something warm underneath.

Thanks for the great tip.

Misty Faucheux
Content Manager, www.Viscape.com


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