Rinse the Salt From Your Scuba Wetsuit After Diving

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How do I care for my dive suit?

Rinse the Salt From Your Scuba Wetsuit After Diving

The first thing you need to do after a dive is hose off your equipment. Salt is corrosive, so you need to protect your fins, mask and wetsuit.

Your wetsuit needs to be sprayed thoroughly with freshwater. Soak the inside and outside of the suit. This will get rid of any odors as well. Then hang up your scuba suit and let it dry. Do not store it wet. Mold and mildew will grow, which are impossible to get out. Here are some other tips for maintaining your wetsuit:

  1. Store your wetsuit on a large hanger, which ensures that the neoprene material will not crack or bend.
  2. Occasionally wash your wetsuit with special neoprene soap. Your wetsuit dealer should also carry neoprene sealer for ensuring the long life of your wetsuit.
  3. After your wetsuit dries, store it away from the sunlight, which can degrade the suit. You also may want to lubricate the zipper to ensure it works properly. The lubricant also can be purchased from your wetsuit dealer.



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