Wet Suits Are Popular With Divers, Surfers, Skiers

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Why are wet suits popular for water recreation?

Wet Suits Are Popular With Divers, Surfers, Skiers

Wet suits are not just for scuba divers. Surfers, water skiers, snorkelers and jet skiers wear wet suits. Wet suits are popular for their fit, comfort and material -- neoprene.

Neoprene contains tiny gas bubbles that create a buffer between you and the water. Neoprene insulates the wearer from the cold water. Neoprene also compresses as you dive, so your tight suit is likely to loosen some as you descend.

When you buy a scuba wetsuit, follow the manufacturer's guidelines for sizing. Usually, the wet suit maker will have a sizing chart that makes ordering easier.

If you are trying on a one-piece suit, pull it up to your waist, then stick your arms in one at a time. Ask a salesperson or buddy to zip up the back, so you won't catch your skin or hair in the zipper. Make sure the wet suit does not cut off your circulation.

Finally, when purchasing a wet suit, don't forget to order your scuba gloves, hood and booties.



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