Core Warmers are the Perfect Fit for Warm Waters

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Was is the core warmer wet suit?

Core Warmers are the Perfect Fit for Warm Waters

A fun dive suit style is the core warmer. This scuba suit definitely is for very warm waters. It is a sleeveless shortie that is perfect for free diving or scuba diving in the Bahamas, Florida Keys or Cozumel.

With its sleek design and "slippery skin," the core warmer has the most fashionable look of any wet suit on the market, if that makes a difference to you.

Core warmers also allow for greater range of arm motion in the water. Say you're diving for stone crabs in the Dry Tortugas, it may make sense to wear a core warmer.

Core warmers also provide an additional layer of protection in colder waters. Layer a core warmer over a full wetsuit or dive skin, depending on your needs.



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