Choose Quality Over Savings When Buying Dive Fins

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How can I make sure that my new dive fins fit well?

Choose Quality Over Savings When Buying Dive Fins

Expect to pay anywhere from $25-$200 for a new pair of dive fins. That's quite a price range, but with diving equipment you often get what you pay for.

It's better to focus on quality rather than savings. Chances are you will be returning for replacements if you choose a cheap brand of scuba fins that doesn't hold up well to the elements and use.

After you settle on a style and brand of swim fins, choose a pair that fits well. There are some basic tips to follow for just the right fit:

  • Scuba divers need to wear their dive boots when trying on open-heel fins. You should be able to see a few inches of your boot heel sticking out.
  • Make sure the strap holds the foot in place but does not scrunch it into the fin. Don't pull the strap too tightly. Your foot should slide a bit in the fin, if you shake it back and forth.
  • If you are trying on full-foot fins, they should be snug but comfortable on your bare feet. They should not rub too hard against your heel or cut into your ankle.



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