Basic Maintenance Extends the Life of Dive Equipment

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How do I care for my new mask, fins and snorkel?

Basic Maintenance Extends the Life of Dive Equipment

Buying scuba equipment can be a big investment. So it is a good idea to take care of your equipment. Basic maintenance does not require a lot of work. It ensures you are ready -- and you will not have any last-minute delays -- on your next dive.

  • Soak your mask, swims fins and snorkel in freshwater after your dive, or rinse the equipment off thoroughly with a hose. Salt crystals dry out and crack scuba fins, and erode the straps on masks and fins. Salt and sand can scratch the lens of your mask.
  • After the rinse, check all straps for wear and tears. Is your mask strap too stretched out to keep the face plate taut? Has one of your dive flippers cracked?
  • Replace broken mask straps with new ones or simply take one from a spare mask. Carry a replacement strap for your fins, so you can change straps without hassle or losing dive time.
  • Lie swim fins flat after use. Do not tip them on their blades, which can bend.
  • Keep your equipment in a mesh dive bag, away from the light and heat. A locked garage is not a bad place. Pack the mask in a case so it does not get scratched.



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