Force Fins Have a Toehold in Scuba Diving

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What are force fins?

Force Fins Have a Toehold in Scuba Diving

Force fins are catching on in scuba diving. The blades on these swim fins are loved by swimmers whose kick have a forceful punch. Now scuba divers are using force fins for their toe-free foot pockets and upcurved blades that allow for swifter motion with less effort underwater.

Force fins are smaller than traditional scuba fins and made of polyurethane. They are designed to mimic the tail of a tuna or dolphin. Force fins have a growing but loyal following that is cult-like in its devotion to force fins.

Force fins are supposed to fit so well to the contours of a diver's foot that a strap is not needed to hold them on. The recoiling blade is touted for a snap and flexibility that stiffer blades lack.

Consumers will decide whether force fins are a fad or have a toehold in scuba diving. The bottom line is that buying swim fins is a personal choice about fit, comfort and a design that works best for you.



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