Look for Reviews to Find the Best Dive Fins

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How can I find the best diving fins?

Look for Reviews to Find the Best Dive Fins

Fish and dolphins have it easy. They don't have to choose their fins. They are born with them.

With the range of dive fins on the market, how do landlubbers choose the best flippers? Most of us cannot expect to glide like Flipper through the ocean, but new engineering and designs are offering swim fins that allow for a better kick and thrust in the water.

  1. Ask diving friends about their choices. Then do some research on your own. Chances are if you put some time into your homework, it will pay off with a pair of scuba fins that meet your diving needs.
  2. You want a pair of fins that are comfortable, from the foot pocket to the straps. You don't want to strain your ankle when kicking, nor do you want to overtax your leg muscles.
  3. The fins also need to feel right, more like a part of your body than clumsy protrusions that help you kick but tire your muscles.
  4. Look for consumer diving equipment reviews on line. Some equipment sellers let buyers rate brands and models of dive equipment. There also are divers' chat rooms. Dive magazines offer regular reviews and critiques of dive equipment.



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