Several Different Dive Organizations Offer Certification

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What organizations offer certification in scuba diving?

Several Different Dive Organizations Offer Certification

PADI is the primary organization that certifies scuba divers around the world. It's important to carry a certification card.

Many diving outlets and rental equipment centers will require proof of certification before providing services.

Equipment dealers often are authorized by PADI and other certifying agencies and will provide instruction. Here is a quick rundown of some of the certifying agencies recognized internationally:

  • PADI: The Professional Association of Diving Instructors is largely responsible for making diving accessible and popular with so many people. Seven out of 10 divers are PADI-certified.
  • DSAT: The Diving Science and Technology Corp. is affiliated with PADI but teaches technical diving programs that go beyond the depth limits and times of recreational diving.
  • NAUI: The National Association of Underwater Instructors is an association of diving professionals that emphasizes individual instruction and reinforcing skills. Courses tend to be longer in duration than PADI courses.
  • SSI: Scuba Schools International offers basic courses that consist of classroom instruction, pool instruction, open water dives and one skin dive.
  • YMCA Scuba: This is one of the nation's oldest national scuba diving institutions.
  • NASE: The National Association of Scuba Educators is a worldwide agency with headquarters in Utah and Italy.



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