Scuba Diving Courses Lead to Adventure

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What should I expect from a scuba diving class?

Scuba Diving Courses Lead to Adventure

Expect your scuba diving class to be part instruction and part adventure. You are learning a new sport that will enable you to explore a world that is alien to humans.

Once you master the course, you can carry your "C-card" with pride. This is the certification showing that you are a recreational scuba diver. But your education does not stop there. Experience is the ultimate teacher. You become a better diver every time you dive.

Taking diving lessons is the first step. A good scuba class should give you plenty of opportunities to ask questions and to practice skills, such as sharing oxygen with your dive buddy underwater.

Don't worry about trying to keep up with other students. Divers learn at their own pace. The goal is to become competent and comfortable as a diver.

You will have classroom work, pool practices and an open-water class. At the end of the course, you will be expected to undergo an open-water test.

Once you get your C-card, you will be certified to dive in open water. If scuba diving becomes a passion as well as a pastime, consider more instruction. You may want to be certified as an advanced diver, rescue diver, or divemaster.



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