Variety of Scuba Lights Illuminate Your Dive Trips

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What are the different kinds of dive lights on the market?

Variety of Scuba Lights Illuminate Your Dive Trips

There are a variety of lights for illuminating dives, and they serve a lot of different purposes. Consider the dive light's shape and size as well as its switches and grip. Bulb types include xenon, argon, krypton, HID and LED.

Look for popular name brands like Pelican, Nemo and Princeton, which have a reputation for quality and reliability in diving lights.

Here are several kinds of dive lights you may want to add to your shopping or wish list:

  • Compact rechargeable diving torch with a xenon bulb and an hour of burn time.
  • Pen lights that take AAA batteries and work well for finding stuff in your dive bag.
  • Strobe lights that use HID technology and beam a bright, white light.
  • Dual lamp light that is compact, serving as your primary or backup light.
  • Non-breakable six-watt LED lights.
  • Strobe lights that take C batteries and have burn times of 3, 4 and 5 hours.
  • Strobe lights submersible to 500 feet.
  • Personal locator lights.



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