Choose a Scuba Watch That is Rugged and Reliable

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What kind of features should I expect in a dive watch.

Choose a Scuba Watch That is Rugged and Reliable

Scuba computers go by a lot of names: dive computers, dive watches, decompression meters, scuba watches. But they all have the same primary function: They measure the time and depth of dives to calculate a safe ascent.

Here are some features to look for in a dive computer watch:

  • Dive watches need to be made of titanium or another noncorrosive material.
  • The buttons must be big enough to be handled by a diver wearing gloves.
  • The watch needs to be rugged and able to resist the wear and tear of an underwater dive. The watch face should be scratch-resistant.
  • Make sure the scuba watch you buy can go to the depths you dive.
  • The dial, settings and numbers need to be illuminated and easily seen from a foot away underwater.
  • The wrist band should have a strong clasp that is not prone to breaking.



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