Stick to a Dive Computer That is Practical, Easy to Use

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Should I invest a lot in my first dive computer watch?

Stick to a Dive Computer That is Practical, Easy to Use

Even if you find a dive computer with all the bells and whistles, veteran divers often rely on simple and easy-to-use dive watches.

As a diver, you want a scuba computer that is readable and easy to maintain. It may be practical to choose a dive computer that does not have too many buttons and menus to read. After all, you want to keep your focus on diving, not trying to decipher readings and gauges.

Back lighting is helpful for night diving or cloudy days underwater. Audible alarms also let you know quickly that you are ascending too fast.

Also, you may not want to spend too much on your first dive computer until you know for certain that deep diving is a regular part of your future recreation.

Check in with the experts at dive shops. Hear what they have to say. Most have impressive lines of computer dive watches. Then go online and find the best deal on the watch you want.



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