Dive Masks Let You View the Underwater World

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What can I learn about dive masks?

Dive Masks Let You View the Underwater World

Dive masks are your window to the underwater world. You have chosen to scuba dive to experience life that is alien to humans. Your dive equipment allows you to see, breathe and move underwater, like a sea creature.

So it makes sense to learn everything you can about diving equipment to make the best selections. The first step is buying a diving mask. It not only allows you to see everything around you, but keeps water out of your eyes and nose.

Masks have a tempered glass plate that is durable and allows divers to see around them. There is a "skirt" around the plate that forms a tight seal against your face. The strap keeps your scuba mask in place, but its function is not to keep water out. So do not try to tighten the straps if water leaks in.

To determine if your mask is a good fit, press it against your face and inhale through your nose. This should create a tight vacuum and hold the mask to your face.



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