Defogging Your Dive Mask is Easy

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How do you defog a dive mask?

Defogging Your Dive Mask is Easy

Defogging a swim mask is easy. You just spit into the face plate. It's the first thing kids learn to do when they get a mask, fins and snorkel set. They never seem to forget it. This old-fashioned method works just fine, and is a quick solution for divers who don't have their defoggers handy before they dip below the surface.

Here's a quick reminder on how to defog your mask:

  1. Dip the face plate in the water, then shake the water out.
  2. Spit into the face plate and rub the spit on the glass with your fingers.
  3. Dip the face plate again and empty the water. You are ready to dive.



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