Safe Diving Comes Before Taking that Perfect Photo

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What tips should new divers follow when taking photos?

Safe Diving Comes Before Taking that Perfect Photo

It sounds like a no-brainer, but you need to be a competent diver first before you try to be an underwater photographer.

Get comfortable as a new diver. Take several dive trips before you bring out that new amphibious sport camera. Taking photos or videos require concentration, and you need to focus on personal safety as a new diver. Over time, safe diving practices are second nature.

An experienced diver also is less likely to take risks to get that perfect photo. The more time you spend scuba diving, the more you will appreciate the risks and problems that can arise. You also will be better prepared to handle them.

The more at ease you are diving the better photographer you will be. Read about the marine life in the areas you will dive. Learn their habits and their environment. Some types of fish are scarce at mid-day and might best be seen in the early morning. Also, check underwater camera reviews before you buy underwater camera equipment.

Of course, you will want to take photos of resort vacations that involve diving. But don't be too ambitious. A point-and-shoot underwater camera will serve your needs just fine.



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