Scuba Gifts for All Ages and Tastes

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What kinds of gifts and accessories are there for divers?

Scuba Gifts for All Ages and Tastes

With the growing popularity of scuba diving, there is no shortage of dive gifts and accessories. Some are practical, like regulator bags and dive watches. Others are frivolous and fun, like key chains, license plates and T-shirts. There are dive gifts and accessories for every interest, age and occasion.

  • Say you and your wife or girl friend are planning a dive trip to the Caribbean, British Virgin Islands or Gulf of Mexico. Travel books on diving, water proof dive maps, or a vacation log/journal make perfect gifts.
  • You and your dive buddies will appreciate the rad T-shirts with outrageous designs that capture the spirit and attitude of scuba diving. These are not your father's dive T-shirts. Some of the wilder designs are definitely not for your mom to see either. But they may get a laugh and nod from your buddies. "Log Some Bottom Time" and "I Get Tanked" are some of the messages with double meanings. Use your imagination to visualize the illustrations that accompany them.
  • Children's dive gear are favorite gift items. You can order them in a starter package or buy them separately. Buying a child a good mask, snorkel and flippers promotes physical activity. Snorkeling at the beach, or just fooling around in the swimming pool are great ways for kids to get comfortable with the basics of diving.



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