Before You Snorkel in the Open Ocean, Practice in a Pool

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Do I need training to snorkel?

Before You Snorkel in the Open Ocean, Practice in a Pool

Before you snorkel in the open ocean, make sure you practice first in a pool. If you are staying at a resort or hotel, see if there are any classes or instructors to teach you how to snorkel.

When using a snorkel, place it on the left or right side of your face, in front of your ear. Choose a snorkel with a large opening, because it will let in a lot of air. Dry snorkels prevent any water from entering the snorkel, even when you dip below surface.

Snorkeling involves floating face down at the surface, then swimming deeper to get closer looks at reef fish, star fish, whatever catches your interest.

It's easy to clear your snorkel when you surface, if you do not have a dry snorkel. Just blow real hard on the snorkel and the water will shoot out. It's like having your own whale spout.



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