Scuba Divers Can Carry Snorkels in Their BC

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Do I need to wear my snorkel if I am scuba diving?

Scuba Divers Can Carry Snorkels in Their BC

Scuba divers carry snorkels, but many keep them in the pocket of their BC or strap them to their tank or leg. Unless you have a long surface swim ahead and want to conserve air, you may want to do the same when scuba diving. Your snorkel will be handy if you need it, but kept safely stowed in a convenient spot.

Both scuba divers and snorkelers need to let passing boaters know there are people in the water. Tie a buoy off your boat with a diving flag on it. The last thing divers or snorkelers want is to surface and find a motor boat heading straight toward them. If no one is on the dive boat, there is no one to signal that snorkelers are swimming the water.



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