Choose Snorkeling Sites with Abundance of Wildlife

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How can I choose a good snorkeling site?

Choose Snorkeling Sites with Abundance of Wildlife

Choose your snorkeling site with care. You do not want to be in choppy waters, so it may be best to be in a protected inlet, near an island or in shallower portions of a bay. Dive shops may offer snorkeling trips, or be able to advise you where to go.

You can choose to snorkel from a beach, off a sand bar, or from a dive boat. Tropical reefs make perfect spots for sight seeing as you snorkel. They often are not deep but contain an abundance of fish and sea creatures -- clown fish, grouper, barracuda, angel fish, even small sand sharks or hammerheads.

Advise the kids not to touch the coral or sea life. You don't want to damage anything, and at the same time you do not want to be pricked or scraped in the saltwater, which contains millions of micro-organisms. Barnacles, sea urchins, jelly fish and moray eels are among the sealife that is fascinating to watch but you should stay away from to be safe.



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