Dry Snorkels Promise to Keep the Water Out

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What are dry snorkels?

Dry Snorkels Promise to Keep the Water Out

Dry snorkels are popular with divers, because they are pretty efficient at keeping water out. A pressure-release valve opens when you surface to allow in air, and closes when you go underwater. You never have to clear a barrel filled with water.

An additional feature popular with scuba divers is a one-way purge valve at the bottom of the snorkel that helps you clear water quickly from the snorkel after you take the regulator from your mouth.

You may want to try out a dry snorkel before you use one to be sure that the brand lives up to its promises of a dry barrel after you have been submerged in the water. How easy you can take your first breath at the surface, when the valve releases, is another factor to consider.



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