Buoyancy Compensator Basics

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What's a buoyancy compensator?

Buoyancy Compensator Basics

LeisurePro Tip: A buoyancy compensator is a piece of dive equipment that helps a diver keep neutral buoyancy in the water. The compensator prevents fatigue because the diver will not have to kick his legs or move his arms to remain at a certain depth in the water - allowing him to be stationary to take the perfect picture or rest if he becomes tired. With the simple release and intake of air, the diver can move toward the surface or dive deeper.

The buoyancy compensator fits on the scuba diver much like a travel or hiking backpack. It harnesses the oxygen tank to the diver's body and provides pockets for weights (if necessary). The compensator helps the diver maneuver in the water with a power inflator, manual inflator (to add air), dump valves and manual pressure relief valves (to release air).

When choosing a compensator for scuba buoyancy it is important to consider size. For the best results, do your research on various buoyancy compensators to ensure that the one you select will fit you snugly, but not too tightly.



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