Choosing the Right Swim Fins

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What should I consider before buying scuba fins.

Choosing the Right Swim Fins

LeisurePro Tip: Scuba fins, or diving fins, are an important piece of equipment to add to your scuba gear. They'll help you swim faster and dive deeper without expending a huge amount of energy. There are multitudes of styles on the market today, so it's important to consider what kind of style you need for your purposes before you buy any scuba fins.

For a shallow dive, it may be better to get paddle fins that fit on your bare feet. These are perfect for protecting your feet while swimming around a coral reef.

For a deep dive, you may want to get open heeled fins. These generally attach to swim boots and will provide more foot protection than paddle fins.

The cost of diving fins varies, but generally, price is indicative of quality. If you dive often, it may be advantageous to choose a more expensive brand. Research the different styles and textures that are available before you purchase to ensure that you're choosing the best scuba fins to complement your diving needs.



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