Considerations for Choosing a Dive Light.

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What is the right dive light to choose for day, open water night diving or cave diving?

Considerations for Choosing a Dive Light.

LeisurePro Tip: Every scuba diver knows that the deeper the dive, the darker the dive. That's why day divers carry dive lights with them. And if you're diving at night, you'll definitely require one. A dive light is an important, necessary piece of equipment to add to your diving gear. However, scuba dive lights are not all the same, as there are different types of output. Use these tips when considering the purchase of a scuba dive light.

A Xenon (or Halogen light) is perfect for night dives as they are bright, but not bright enough to scare the creatures you are observing.

An HID light is the best choice for open water night divers or cave divers.

An LED light is also a good choice for night and cave divers and it requires less energy than a Xenon or HID light.

No matter which kind of light you choose for your dive, make sure to carry a principal light, a secondary light and a marker. This way you'll always be able to view the spectacular ocean nightlife and be spotted by boats and other divers should you become lost.



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