Scuba Diving Masks and Glasses

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How do I wear a scuba mask if I wear glasses?

Scuba Diving Masks and Glasses

LeisurePro Tip: Scuba masks are a vital piece of equipment for the scuba diver. They not only help the diver view the beautiful underwater scenery, but they help the diver read their instruments and keep and eye on fellow divers. If you have 20/20 vision, then you can put on a mask and go. However, if you have less than perfect vision, you will have to consider the following when choosing a scuba mask:

If you wear contacts, you will want to choose a mask with a purge valve. This valve will allow for the elimination of water without removing your mask. This will cut the chances that you will lose one of your contact lenses.

If you normally wear glasses and cannot wear contacts, you will need to get your mask fitted with optical lenses, as you cannot wear eyeglasses with your scuba mask. Most dive masks are created with this option in mind, but it would be wise to perform a bit of research before you purchase so you're absolutely certain.

If you only wear glasses to read, then you may not need them to dive. Practice with a shallow dive first. If you feel that you need prescription lenses, have your scuba mask outfitted with them.



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