Scuba Diving in Bonaire

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What kind of scuba diving does Bonaire offer?

Scuba Diving in Bonaire

LeisurePro Tip: Bonaire, an island in the South Caribbean, is a popular scuba destination. Home to the world's first protected marine park, the sea life has been allowed to flourish, virtually untouched by man; which is why it's rated as one of the top-four scuba destinations in the world.

Bonaire is an ideal diving destination year-round. The little rainfall that accumulates keeps the water nearly crystal clear and free of silt. It's an underwater photographer's dream, with visibility averaging over 100 feet.

Because the marine park is protected, diver's who have not dived in Bonaire for over a year are required to attend a training course. Almost any diving shop can perform this instruction for a small fee. Without the proper certification, diving on Bonaire's pristine reefs is illegal. Also be sure that you have the proper scuba equipment which you can obtain from a dive shop selling this type of equipment as well.

The accommodations in Bonaire range from 5-star luxury resorts to private bungalows. But no matter where you stay, you'll remember your Bonaire scuba diving trip for a lifetime.



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