Diving in the Cayman Islands

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What is the Cayman Islands weather like throughout the year?

Diving in the Cayman Islands

Grand Cayman Weather:
Temperatures reach daytime highs in the 70's Fahrenheit in the winter and the mid to high 80's Fahrenheit.

Scuba Diving Levels:
Within a quarter mile from shore, beginning as shallow as 20 to 35 feet, the ocean floor falls away as either a sloping or sheer vertical cliff, plummeting 6,000 feet into unfathomable blue abyss.

Grand Cayman Water Temperature:
Water temperatures in Grand Cayman range between the high 70's Fahrenheit in winter to the mid to high 80's Fahrenheit in the summer and fall months.

Visibility averages 80 to 150 feet in the clear, generally current free waters of Grand Cayman. During the calm summer months visibility can peak to 200 feet.



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