Scuba Diving Certifications

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How can I obtain a scuba diving certification?

Scuba Diving Certifications

Scuba diving is quite an easy and safe sport, but some specific knowledge and training is required to become a safe, comfortable scuba diver. In order to rent scuba tanks or to participate in boat diving with any credible diving service, one most first obtain scuba diving certification. To be certified, a student must participate in a scuba certification course, and successfully complete both written and in-water skill tests. Once completed, the scuba diving certification is good for life, though an occasional refresher course may be in order for those who have not been scuba diving recently.



7/11/2006 5:31:04 PM
declan said:

excellent advice , you could never have enough experience on a member of bsac we train once a week no matter what cert you are, you never know when you need to fall back on your traning,


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