Scuba Essentials Fascinate Gadget Geeks

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What are some scuba gadgets?

Scuba Essentials Fascinate Gadget Geeks

If you are a gadget geek, you will love scuba diving. The sport requires divers to understand how a range of equipment operates and how to use it. There are new gadgets coming on line all the time, as well as advances in standard diving equipment.

The open water class for scuba diving shows students how to set up and use basic scuba equipment, as well as react to underwater emergencies. Your local dive shop or online retailer will offer the latest in diving gadgets, from state-of-the-art scuba bcds and regulators to underwater cameras and driver propulsion vehicles.

Here is a sample of scuba gadgets to discover as you learn to dive:

  • Scuba bcd: Buoyancy compensators, or bcds, are inflatable vests that allow a diver to float or sink. Scuba bcds are essential diving equipment.
  • Scuba computer: This gadget, worn on your wrist like a watch, automatically calculates nitrogen intake, so you can figure your decompression time. Most scuba computers also may display your current depth, maximum depth and dive time.
  • Diver Propulsion Vehicle: DPVs will never replace fins but they are fun and futuristic. The mechanical devices help divers move around underwater.



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