Commercial Diving Requires Specialized Skills

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Who becomes a commercial diver?

Commercial Diving Requires Specialized Skills

Who becomes a commercial diver? While the field is undeniably dominated by men, it is open to anyone with the stamina and skills to do the work.

Keep in mind that commercial diving requires the person to be in top physical shape. Candidates need to pass special physical exams. It is uncommon to see commercial divers over the age of 50, though many turn to jobs as instructors.

The most successful commercial divers have highly specialized skills.You are not being paid to dive but to complete a job underwater. Jobs are not just located undersea, but at dams, harbors, fish farms, even sewage treatment plants.

Wet welding is a growth area in scuba diving jobs. But you need to be certified as a diver as well as a welder, two highly specialized areas. You will need to have experience in using commercial diving equipment and be skilled in weld setup and preparation.



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