Cave Diving and Ice Diving are Technical Dives

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What are examples of technical dives?

Cave Diving and Ice Diving are Technical Dives

Technical dives are not just deep-water dives. They are scuba dives where the diver does not have direct access to the surface. Cave diving, ice diving and wreck diving are examples of technical dives.

  • Cave diving is when divers swim through a network of natural or artificial underwater caves. Specialized scuba equipment and training are required for divers to explore caves that are at least partially submerged in water.
  • Ice diving is a high-risk form of diving that often entails divers using chainsaws to cut through ice to gain access to the water before descents. Divers need special suits and regulators to handle the super cold water. For added safety, the diver often is tethered to a rope that extends to the surface.
  • Wreck diving may involve the diver going inside a shipwreck, which poses special hazards. Often the shipwrecks are at a great depth, so special training is needed for undertaking these dives.
An exciting new field in commercial diving is piloting a ROV, or remote operated vehicle. ROVs are on the forefront of underwater technology. They are common in the gas and oil industry, but increasingly used in civil engineering, the marine sciences and defense and security work.

There is a shortage of ROV pilots in the commercial diving industry, as the vehicles have become more advanced and capable of handling a greater range of duties.

Academies that offer commercial diver training are beginning to offer more piloting courses for flying ROVs. Look for academies that will train pilots for every type of offshore weather condition and deep-sea travel.

Future pilots learn to maneuver around concrete and steel undersea structures, to explore shipwreck sites and to work on military operations.



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