Wet Suits Come in Several Styles

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Are there different styles of wet suit?

Wet Suits Come in Several Styles

Wet suits come in several styles. While the standard color is still black, increasingly color accents are used in angled patterns that flatter the diver's physique.

Here are some of the more common wet suit styles:

  • Full Body: The full one-piece scuba suit, or jumpsuit, covers the entire body, with sleeves that extend to the wrists and leggings that go to the ankles. Made from neoprene, divers order them based on thickness, from 2 mm to 9 mm. Beware, that once the thickness reaches 5 mm, the suit feels heavy to wear.
  • Shorties: These one-piece suits are knee-length with short sleeves. They are popular for diving in warmer climates. Surfers also use them.
  • Farmer John: The two-piece is so named for the bib-style overalls, which come with a hooded jacket. The layered dive suit provides extra warmth.



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