Look for PADI-Authorized Instructors for Scuba Diving

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What is PADI?

Look for PADI-Authorized Instructors for Scuba Diving

PADI is the Professional Association of Diving Instruction, training more than half of certified scuba divers world wide.

The PADI International Resort and Retailer Associations consist of nearly 4,500 dive centers, dive operators and dive resorts around the globe. These PADI-sanctioned operations are the places for scuba training, equipment and diving opportunities.

There are different levels of PADI certification for scuba divers that cover recreational diving, rescue diving and becoming a dive instructor.

Learning to scuba dive and making it a hobby cost roughly the same as it does to snow ski. But the education, training and experience will be a little more intense. There are no bunny hills in the ocean. You must have the skills and competency to confront problems and emergencies that may arise.



8/31/2011 2:50:55 PM
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All reputable agencies listed above can safely teach a diver. Some might even say the biggest agency is not always the best.


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