External Strobe Lights Illuminate Underwater Photography

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What kind of light should I use for underwater photography?

External Strobe Lights Illuminate Underwater Photography

External strobe lights can bring out vivid colors in your underwater digital photography. External strobes can be mounted on an arm away from the camera body. While flash cameras are more convenient, they can create a phenomenon called backscatter. While illuminating the fish or coral you are trying to photograph, built-in flashes can cause the background to look underexposed or shadowy. An external strobe creates an even field of light.

An alternative underwater light that works well for closeup images or movies is a video light. Video lights can bring out the underwater world's natural colors.

Of course, you can shoot underwater photos without any artificial light. Your photos will look fine, but they might not be the quality you expected. The background tends to look blue in the natural light underwater. Your best option is to invest in an external strobe light that you can attach to your camera or hold to shoot photos worth framing.



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