Choose the Best Dive Bags For Your Gear

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What kind of dive bags are there for carrying scuba gear?

Choose the Best Dive Bags For Your Gear

You've made an investment in your scuba gear, so make sure you take care of it. Especially after a dive, it's easy just to scatter your stuff. Consider buying a few different dives bags for holding and transporting your scuba gear.

Here is a checklist of dive bags that any serious recreational or sport diver will need:

  • Mesh bags: These are the bags for carrying your scuba gear to the dive boat or dive site. The netting on these bags allows water to drain easily from them.The duffel bag style is standard, though the backpack style can be convenient because your hands are free. There also are tank bags and bags for holding your snorkel, mask and fins. Shop for mesh bags that have a rubber coating, which makes them more durable. It's never a bad idea to have extra mesh bags on hand.
  • Travel bags: These heavy-duty cargo bags are for trips, and most come with wheels. You can get a duffel-bag, cargo or backpack style travel bag. Look for travel bags with collapsible handles and interior dividers. Think twice before placing any kind of scuba sticker or insignia on your travel bag. While you may think the sticker will cause cargo handlers to transfer the bags with care, you are making the travel bags vulnerable to theft.



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