Dive Stickers Make Statements with an Attitude

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Are there dive gifts for under $10?

Dive Stickers Make Statements with an Attitude

Dive stickers make fun and affordable gifts. Most carry the universally recognized red-and-white stripe that signifies scuba diving. Look for hog fish, turtle and lobster flag stickers. They are great for sticking on vehicles, bumpers, dive tanks -- or just about any hard surface.

There even are decals in the shape of sharks, scuba divers and the state of Florida. Perhaps you want a dive sticker that reminds you of a memorable dive trip, or you have a marine motif that is your personal diving symbol. Stickers are about $5, so they make great party favors and stocking stuffers.

Also check out the array of dive bumper stickers that lets the world know your passion, and also makes statements with an attitude.

"There is Nothing That a Good Day of Diving Won't Cure" may be just the right message you want blazoned on the bumper of your SUV or truck.

Other divers don't need a lot of words to get their message out. A popular bumper sticker simply states "DIVER" in capital letters.



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