Consider Different Snorkel Features

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What features should I look for in a snorkel?

Consider Different Snorkel Features

Snorkels no longer are simple "J"-shape devices. They come in a range of new designs. Here are some things to consider when shopping for snorkel gear:

  • Snorkel length: The longer the snorkel, the less likely water will splash in. But shorter snorkels are easier to breathe through.
  • Snorkel diameter: The wider the hole, the easier it is to draw in air. But a wider hole may allow more water in as well.
  • Make sure your snorkel does not have unneeded turns or angles that will inhibit the air flow.
  • Snorkels with flexible tubing tend to snag less on snorkel equipment.
  • Sump and purge valves below the mouthpiece should keep water out of your mouth when you surface.
  • Some snorkels have mouthpieces that swivel, while more expensive ones have removable mouthpieces similar to scuba gear.



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