Make Sure Dive Tanks are Filled Properly

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How can I ensure that my dive tanks are filled to capacity?

Make Sure Dive Tanks are Filled Properly

Filling a scuba tank completely is not that simple, and divers should make sure they give ample time to the staff at a dive shop to do the job right. It's not a bad idea to drop off your scuba air tanks the day before a dive and pick them up in the morning as you head out.

Here are some other tips for making sure you do not get short air fills:

  • The tank should be filled to its maximum level -- but not overfilled. An overfill risks damage to the cylinder.
  • Tanks need to be filled slowly and then allowed to cool. The tanks then can be topped off to reach maximum capacity.
  • Do not put a tank in cold water to make it cool faster. You run the risk of water entering the cylinder.
  • Remember the maximum fill rate is 300 psi per minute.



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