Avoiding Illness in Mexico

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How do I prevent getting sick in Mexico?

Avoiding Illness in Mexico

For first-time visitors traveling to Mexico or other foreign countries, many are stricken with an intestinal virus that can cause considerable discomfort. To avoid getting "the touristas," be careful to drink only bottled beverages. Never drink tap water, not even to brush your teeth. Avoid ice unless you are assured it has been made from purified water. Avoid foods that have not been properly washed and cooked. Peeled fruits and cooked vegetables are great, but be wary of fresh veggies in raw salads, especially from food stalls or road side stands. However, quality restaurants that cater to tourists may be assumed to wash and prepare their foods with your health in mind.



9/13/2006 12:00:50 PM
sheyl koenig said:

i recently visited cancun mexico, after being home a week, suddenly we are developing symptoms as vomit, diharea and beathing.....any connnection


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