Playa del Carmen Scuba Diving

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What is scuba diving in the Playa del Carmen like?

Playa del Carmen Scuba Diving

Most divers are familiar with Cozumel's huge coral formations, precipitous drop-offs, and great scuba diving. But mention the mainland of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula and people associate it usually with one spot - Cancun, the place for baking in the sun and partying. The reality of course is that the Yucatan offers an immense variety of pleasures and adventures both above and below the sea. There are quaint Mexican villages lost in time, traditional markets with shoppers still in native dress, awe-inspiring Mayan historic sites spanning centuries of advanced culture, and a fascinating diversity of flora and fauna. There is also unique scuba diving ranging from freshwater Cenotes to endless offshore spur and groove reef formation swarming with fishes, and dotted with wrecks dating back to the "conquest" of the new world. Scuba diving Playa del Carmen is the gateway to this excellent touring.



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