Selecting Hotels in Cozumel

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How do I choose a hotel in Cozumel?

Selecting Hotels in Cozumel

When thinking about Cozumel's travel and tourism, the reality is that, relative to the number of airline seats that serve the region, Cozumel has too many hotel rooms. The result of this imbalance weighs in favor of the tourist, for the hotels compete for patronage with low pricing. The least expensive hotels will be found in the downtown area of San Miguel. A downtown setting is low cost, and extremely convenient to shopping, restaurants and bars with the trade-off being more noise and commotion. The better, and in some cases more expensive, dive hotels are located south of town, along the ocean, and closer to the dive sites. Whether downtown or on the beach, Cozumel offers great lodging values relative to most other diving destinations.



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