Diving in the Bay Islands

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What is diving in the Bay Islands like?

Diving in the Bay Islands

Bay Islands Weather
Daytime highs average 85 degrees Fahrenheit and cool down to an average 65 degrees Fahrenheit at night year round. The rainy season, November through January, bring frequent, but brief rainstorms. You will rarely miss dives because of rain.

Scuba Diving Levels in the Bay Islands
Diving levels in the Bay Islands vary from reefs starting at 15 feet of water to sea mounds that slope down 200 feet. Underwater canyons, caves, caverns, walls and reefs abundant with coral abound in what is believed to be the second, if not the largest living coral reef in the world.

Bay Islands Water Temperature
Water temperatures in the Bay Islands are in the low 80's Fahrenheit in the summer and high 70's Fahrenheit in the winter.

Visibility averages 80 feet in the Bay Islands, but can peak at 100 feet or more. Visibility does decrease with storms or when plankton cloud the water.



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