Belize Diving Information

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What is scuba diving in Belize like?

Belize Diving Information

Belize Weather
The weather in Belize is subtropical, providing warm weather year round. The coast, cayes and atolls enjoy brisk prevailing tradewinds from the Caribbean Sea. The annual mean temperature is 79 degrees Fahrenheit and the average humidity is 85 percent.

Belize Scuba Diving Levels
There is a wide range of diving levels in Belize, from shore diving Belize to Belize's Blue Hole at over 200 feet deep.

Belize Water Temperature
The water temperature in Belize is fairly constant throughout the year and is generally in the mid to high 70's Fahrenheit, but can reach the low 80's in Summer.

Because it is not affected by river outflow and rain runoff, visibility often reaches 100 or more feet on the barrier reef and around the outer atolls. Inside the reef, visibility ranges from 50 to 75 feet. During the winter months cold fronts known as "northers" may reduce visibility for days at a time.

Currents, Tides, Winds
In the western Caribbean, surface currents tend in a northerly direction. This northerly current creates a then southerly counter current directly in front of the barrier reef and around the atolls of Belize.

Between the barrier reef and the mainland, the currents tend in a southerly direction. The emptying of the coastal rivers and the push of the Tradewinds create a head of water which funneled to the south and out the southern edge of the reef.

On average the tide range is only 1 to 1 1/2 feet. Despite the small tidal range, the numerous cuts through the barrier reef can restrict the flow of water and cause strong local and temporal currents of up to 1.5 knots.

The wind is steady from the northeast at 5 to 15 knows, except in the south where southeast winds are frequent.



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